Your Coffee Guy has been named one of the best cafes in Littleton.

Congratulations on being named one of the best cafes in Littleton. You have a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 based on 20 reviews from our site visitors! We are thrilled to have you on the Restaurantji list and want to help promote your achievement to 10 million of our monthly viewers.

What Customers Say

The coffee guy new exactly what I needed with out me even asking very delicious friendly and all around good company. Thank you my coffee guy

Your Coffee Guy is ready for 2019 Tucson Gem Show.

The Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase takes place annually in late January and part of February at multiple locations across the city of Tucson, Arizona. 22nd Street Mineral, Fossil & Gem Show, is one of the most-attended mineral, fossil, and gem shows in the world. More than 45,000 attendees visited this venue last year […]

2018 Best of Littleton Awards

I am happy to tell you that il Caffe.US was chosen for 2018 Best of Littleton Awards in the category of Coffee Shops. The Best of Littleton Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community. Congratulations, Blake Thompson Best of Littleton Awards LIttleton, December 4, 2018 il Caffe.US has been selected for […]

My little friend Daniel (el pollito)

My little friend from San Marcos de Tarrazu, Daniel (el pollito 🐥) sent me some pictures of their coffee plantación. The coffee cherries are ready and they are planning to start Harvesting coffee next week. I’m so happy for them!!!! Harvest coffee. It’s the picking of coffee cherries — ideally when they’re ripe. The coffee is […]

A great experience in Costa Rica

Finca La Pastora is located in Santa Maria de Dota region of Tarrazu. The farm has been in the same family for over 60 years. The owner Minor Esquival Picado. Minor is fanatical about ripeness of fruit for his coffee. Only picking the Sangre de Toro (Bulls blood) colored cherries. The fruit is then transported […]

The art of tasting coffee.

My friend Sergio Astua Quesada kept me very busy . After visiting my good friend Martin Ureña, owner of the farm “Finca La Chumeca”, we went over his coffee tasting lab. where he teached the beautiful art of tasting coffee. The young talent man that you see tasting coffee is Juan Umaña Cascante.      […]

The perfect espresso

This beautiful coffee bean is the one responsable to create the Perfect Crema, Body and  Heart. The three components for a perfect espresso